Reviews for "A Girl In A Room Collab"

Super scary. Very creative. Awesome music and wicked wierd style

That's actually erotic and hot

is there supposed to be some story to this

The event from the second segment was good, while the other two were just better drawn. The third one didn't even have anything to do with the egg, never mind the egg being in it. The second segment was pretty much the more genius of the lot. It was better constructed and delivered the suspense pretty well. Granted, it's quite a small collab, but it put the use of the egg more intelligently and was creepier than the other two, and they are what's holding the potential of the collab back, unfortunately.

So while the second was pretty remarkable, I could care less of the other two.

Now this deserves to be made, I like this because it taught me a lesson about Real/Horror Than then opposite, That's very sweet of you guys... I love the ides of this flash We shall Collaborate!

ReklessCreati0n responds:

Haha, thanks man, glad you enjoyed it.

The initial idea seems interesting, the three stories do not met my expectations. They all share two problems: they are too slow, and they too abstract or complex.

The first story is too weird. Maybe more background music, or some explanation may help.

The second story was a bit appealing. The "Saw" stye idea is catching. However, it nfinishes suddenly, and I did not manage to understand what was your intention... However, I think that this one has great potential, and may be expanded as a stand alone work.

The third idea is too simple, and you seem to let the music "do the job", without enogh explanation of the story.

ReklessCreati0n responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I'll work on improving in those areas.