Reviews for "A Girl In A Room Collab"

This reminds me of the girl in Bioshock Infinite :P

I really enjoyed this. You guys did a good job of having a "creep" factor in this flash, which is no easy feat. I would definitely like to see more movies like this from you again.
My only constructive criticism is that some of the animation could use some work, but that's no big deal because it doesn't detract from the story telling aspect.
Anyway, great job on this and keep up the awesome work!

You guys surely put alot of effort into this but I just didn't really feel it. I didn't even realize it was a collab until after the first scene ended and was actually going to close it before I saw that there were still 3 mins left (I know it says it in the title, but I watch all front pagers so I sort of just clicked on it).

You guys have great talent, I just feel like this didn't deliver. Honestly when I saw the worm thing all I could think of was Matrix.


This animation was creepy, it really freaked me out, it's a very good job.

i was about to give this a 0...
but when the worm crawled into her brain i panic...
so i changed it to a 3.