Reviews for "A Girl In A Room Collab"

Hmm... It's a very interesting concept, and I loved the differences in each animation and the fact that it actually managed to creep me out. You should be proud. That's a hard thing to do to me, nowadays.

The second animation will definitely be the most memorable, though. Seeing as how horror is "ugly," that particular art style really fit the caliber of "horror" in this case. The others were kind of meh. They weren't bad, but they weren't good.

Overall, the thing kind of creeps you out, but not enough to make you flinch. Dat second one tho.

Not much to be said about this. In terms of horror within itself, it could be better.
I liked the artwork of the 1st and 3rd bits.

Well, it's kind of creepy. But the thing is, it's just a girl....in a room. That's it, no explination and the "stories" just seem random and tacked on for no reason. I'm just saying. when making something scary have at least some sense.

The first one had some decent animation concept was alright I guess - a little creepy. There was a little bit of sexual appeal in some of the shots of the girl, and I thought that was good. The various perspectives the animator added a lot of interest to the animation. I did not like the side view of the girl's face, which gave her the impression of a gorilla

Second person's style looks really bad - I guess it was supposed to look misshapen and eerie (like salad fingers) but it just made the animator look inexperienced and lazy - Every animation needs some aesthetic, and there wasn't enough in the second animation for me to enjoy it. The slenderman-looking gentleman looked pretty creepy (the pinky was a bad decision , it gave me the impression that he was "upping the horns" and destroyed a lot of the creepiness that would have otherwise been present in the scene) and I liked the tone shift when he appeared. I enjoyed the second animator's concept the most out of anything in this collection of animations.

Third animation was stupid and destroyed the mood set by the previous animations. Some possible reasons for this - The character looked comical (not scary in any way), and the song didn't fit with the mood I expected from this animation (particularly the singers voice and the beat)
Third animator also gave the lazy impression - The animation was pretty much 3 panning still frames with some little part of it moving.

I enjoyed this to an extent. I feel like the authors could do much better.

ReklessCreati0n responds:

The ending sequence was just a simple thing to end it on a silly note. The origonal ending wouldn't have worked out with the number of submissions, so I ended up making something fairly quickly with silliness in thought.

it's some good stuff i realy liked the first one, the second even tho it was not perfect on visual aspect, it seemed like ir had way more idea than the same animation wich is good. so kinda loved it, i don't know about the third one, it was building up but after that it looked like a joke,
to conclude this is my personal opinion, so it's already done so let's all have a nice Halloween

ReklessCreati0n responds:

Yes the "Third" part is actually just the credit sequence. wasn't really intended to be taken seriously. Thanks for the constructive review :)