Reviews for "A Girl In A Room Collab"

What was that?

I thouroughly enjoyed the second one even though the main art was hilarious( it just need a little bit of preportion work) i lauged at the first one and the last one made my Robot try to hang itself(that made me laugh too)....but i believe if ALL three of you guys woked on a concept it would be so DAMN AMAZING!!!

I really like the concept of this collab, but the content itself really does fall flat. The first (and main) problem with it is the pacing. This moves waaaay too slowly! I'm not sure if that was the point behind the 'suspense/horror' theme, but it didn't really work for me. The skits themselves were a little slow paced as well, but again that may have been to add to the suspense.

If you do make another one (and you should because the idea is pretty cool) focus on having it move a bit faster and come up with some really wacky scenarios. Maybe make a post in the forums and try and get a team together to help you with it :>.

I really didn't understand it or enjoy watching it, I love creepy stuff and murder but this was a dissapointment

So messed up and creepy Love it ! :D And dat Credits song..Trully Epic.