Reviews for "Enough Plumbers 2"

As fun as the first few levels are, 9 is just shitty design :\

fuck this game I cnat pass level 12 that level is bullshit

Great game. It's the better version of Mario. i have played "Enough Plumbers 1" and this was definantly an improvement. Hope 3 comes out!

This game is fun and hilarious!!! Excellent job on this!

Lots of effort went into this! It feels a bit mad, but contains a great mix of skill and puzzle. The lovingly made final level and credit sequence is worth the effort of getting to. The closest thing I have to a complaint is that lots of stuff was not intuitive - particularly how characters would move after eating certain power-ups, but earlier on, it wasn't obvious to me whether the winged fruits moving up and down were enemies or lift platforms. This isn't a biggie; it's pretty fun to experiment and discover what stuff does - yes, it's frustrating when it turns out the winged fruit is not a lift platform, but discovery is more engaging and enjoyable than having signs everywhere spelling out exactly what sprite does what. Just play it and have fun.