Reviews for "Enough Plumbers 2"

WOW this game is so AWESOME i mean even when you die you don't XD you still have your clones REALLY amazing game i had a blast playing it keep on the good work

This game is so awesome! :)

if we have completed the game before the medals can we get them?

Radix responds:

You won't get the final one without beating the boss again, and two of the unlock ones might not register right now, but I'm gonna try to get an update up tomorrow to fix that so they'll unlock based on your existing save.

Update: fixed! All medals should now unlock including the one for beating the game.

Fantastic is super fun, makes me feel in the full fun of the NES age.

Well... I love this game. :)
The gameplay style and etc. are just like the first one! But dat face at the end of every level... o_O
But personally, I think the first part is kinda better to be honest.