Reviews for "Enough Plumbers 2"

I feel like there should be some in-between for the ugly plumber used in this game and the NOTMario used in the first game. The sprite in the corner of the bottom of the screen with its hat down looks good really, maybe go for something like that next time.

In general a really great game. I wish there was a tutorial or instructions screen explaining the different powers and what was one use and multiple use but thats a minor quibble. The gag with the final boss is genuinely clever and somehow better than the first (which was already great). Hoping for a part 3.

I hear some Cave Story influence in the music? Anyways, I thought this was a lot of fun. Personally, I think you did a great job :)

The puzzles were well thought-out, with the optional and final puzzles being really challenging but in interesting ways.

this is so laggy compared to the last game, most annoying part has to be the fact that you need to go to each toilet to continue to the next level, and with it so laggy this gets very tedious, id say skip this and go play the way better first game

Super! Even much greater,than First Part. But...that face...I didn't like the art that is used as the characters face when you finish a level!

I think this game is great. It has an old time flavor and the concept of having several characters is well implemented. I didn't like the art that is used as the characters face when you finish a level. I recommend this game.