Reviews for "Enough Plumbers 2"

This game would be perfect if you got one checkpoint, to be saved at any point in time you like in a level. Getting 2 minutes into a level then making one tiny mistake sucks.

Good game! Favourited it. Difficult puzzles that really make you think. The game itself is also pretty difficult, though I managed to finish it and get all medals within an hour, so if I can do it... For some reason the medals don't show up on my profile. I wonder why.

Problems I find it difficult to grab and item and grab a coin around the same time. Level 28 gave me extreme problems. Not being able to grab the last coin to complete the level was a real downer.

Kinda preferred Enough plumbers 1. Game play is excellent, but seems that on this version you added a gross factor to the game. That plus the toilet stuff, and the stretched curtains at end of the level made me feel that it doesn't make justice of the game play, it makes me feel that its incomplete and rushed.

I guess that this is just a matter of taste tho.

this game is terrible

well, putting the level selection screen in pretty much makes playing the game pointless, because you can just skip to the last level

what a shitty game design, not worthy of the previous games name

Radix responds:

What? You need to complete levels to unlock higher tiers of levels. Only the 9 easiest stages are available initially.