Reviews for "Zombienation Human Escape"

These popping ads are... FUCKING ANNOYING!!!
The gameplay is kinda boring. It's hard to move around and your teammates shoot somehow randomly.
Sorry, I expected a good game, but I'm disappointed. Try harder.

ok so here it is, the game is a good idea in theory, but when you play it........ well.... it kimd of falls flat, its a nice try though, if you ever remake it try to make it less.... idk boring ?

The artwork is cool, sounds and music fit just fine.

1- The gameplay is boring.
2- You can't adjust the aim of any of the characters.
3- Shooting ratio and attack time aren't explicit anywhere.
4- The lacks some better progression in difficulty. You die much too early before you can enjoy the game.
5- When you manage to understand how the thing works, you are already bored and frustrated.
6- Won't play again..

Also.. in-game ads are just fine, but this case ruins a lot of the fun, which in this case isn't much anyway.
Better luck next time. Congrats on the work, but the game really is bad...

In game ads that cover up game play?!? 0 points

Art is about the only thing going for this

The game doesn't load after I press play. The screen just freezes and nothing happens.
Sorry, but I can't give any stars for this flaw because there are others who experienced the same issue.
Please fix this.