Reviews for "Zombienation Human Escape"

at least you tried to make a game...

This game can work. This game should work. But it's got two glaring flaws that don't, and ruin the game experience.

The good news is, the sound and graphics do work very well, and create a fairly good atmosphere, something that most games lack. It's also worth noting that the movement control isn't bad either, and is something kind of refreshing to see.

The bad news is the ad's that keep popping up where we don't want to see it; in the game screen, blocking the action that we need to see. Secondly, the shooting patters of the three heroes, including being unable to shoot behind you, is a vast frustration. Ultimately, the ability to do free fire would help much more than you think.

All together, this is a simple game that needs a bit more work to make it playable. I see a lot of potential.

the ads in the corner can affect game play by blocking view sometimes

this is really terrible like wow just wow

The game's content (ex. perks) was really just gameplay fodder...

The controls were confusingly unbalanced, it was hard to understand what was going on. I didn't play the game long enough to see if anything would change over time, a lot of the apparently 'game changing' factors didn't seem to effect the basics at all.

Your characters moved at a decently fast speed that couldn't be slowed, so it really sucked that you had to be a metre away to attack zombies, while your characters moved a metre per second, which lead to an easy death.

How could a potentially okay idea go so wrong?