Reviews for "Zombienation Human Escape"

This game is trash the game play sucks and the annoying ads right in the middle of the screen. This is bullsh!t.

I was looking forward to a good zombie game, and what do I get? Nothing. I'm sitting here waiting for the damn thing to do something after I pressed play, but nope. I'm losing my patience for what looks to be a crap game(if you believe most of the comments)

They say if you have nothing positive to say, don't say anything, so I'll just leave a score. Have a good day, and i hope you enjoy that ad money.. you asshole

What the hell is with those ads?!?! just when i'm getting the hang of the controls, i'm surrounded by zombies and these bloody ads keep coming up RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SCREEN! its unfortunate, because i really liked where this was headed. it was a bit tricky to navigate, but once you figure that out, its less of a problem. but PLEASE fix this ad thing. i have a general idea about why the ads are there/needed, but the way they are now, it totally interrupts and takes away from the entire game experience...

I feel this game is alright and cool!