Reviews for "Zombienation Human Escape"


The art was nice, but the game had so many serious flaws.

The first is that the options on the menu (such as 'play game' or 'perks' etc.) disappeared after less than a second. You could still click on the blank spaces and it would work, but you wouldn't know what you were doing.

The second is that the AI is stupid, half the time just trailing you and doing nothing. The zombies would walk right through you and nothing would happen.

The third is the control scheme. Your character couldn't stop walking and he couldn't turn around directly. You had to make 4 turns to make your character face around at 180 from where you started.

Overall, a very poorly made game.

I love the idea behind it. However the inability to manually take aim at zombies hinders the game. especially when the AI is just plain dumb.

it's addicting zombie game DUDE!
Try to get survive in 5 times Horde... It's cool