Reviews for "Z3lda: Mini Game"

I find it a great little game with an abundance of medals and lots of replay value - however, often when I shoot the squid targets my arrow will go straight through it, so perhaps that could be seen to to improve?

You surprise me every single time. It is a bit hard, though, takes a lot of practice to get the timing right.

Pretty good! Definitely a throwback to SNES times. I didn't have a problem with any of the medals being awarded, so I'm guessing it's a problem on the players' ends.

What's with this "kill the game master and get a scary screen" thing mentioned in the other posts? I've tried shooting him numerous times throughout the different modes and I can't get anything to pop up.

Good job, i love that game :)

But can you help me for achievements Welcome Home and Yum :S Thanks for the help !

Getting all the high scores since 1984! :DD
Hint: Hug the "game master" while shooting. Then experiment to see when you need to shoot to hit the target (concentrate on only 1!), by looking at the curtains. It's always the same pattern!!