Reviews for "Z3lda: Mini Game"

Awesome throwback. Cool little timewaster. Plenty of stuff to keep you interested.
I just CAN'T get the scary easter egg which is terribly frustrating.
I've been shooting the guy over and over again in all different modes in every possible area. ):
What am I doing wrong?

deathink responds:

What scary easter egg?


It's fun ^^

I don't know what the deal was, maybe it was a bug, maybe it was just a bit of a messup in programming, but the game decided to jump speeds on me near constantly, making this game that normally I would have played for a little bit to try and get all the medals take forever and me still not able to get them all XP. However, even though my pc is pretty good, I'll give the benefit of a doubt and try not to judge it based off hat ><

Anyone know how to make the creepy scene appear?

I wish there was a shop door added but the game play was fun only a couple shot glitch through which was sad but yeah the game was a bit to plain .. I think you can make cool games though