Reviews for "Z3lda: Mini Game"

This is really an Entertaining Game!!! =D
Nicee xD

Nice game, perfect for killing some time!
The medals weren't working properly before, but I guess we have the NG maintenance to thank for that. They're OK now.
Also, how do you unlock the Glitch medal? People are saying I have to shoot the mini-game host, but when I tried it, nothing happened. So how do you unlock that?

very well developed game. overall, good job. brumariobro, i somehow got the glitch medal by going into the corner where the button is in the shop and trying to walk into the back wall. I dont know if thats right, but i got it.

good enough to be official for the series.

deathink responds:

Thanks, that is quite a complement.

I managed to get all the medals :D

Also, for the people trying to shoot the orange guy, it seems to only work sometimes. I took me a day before I got it to work.