Reviews for "Z3lda: Mini Game"

You know you can walk on walls,right?

Oh god. Looks like I'm not going to sleep any time soon

This game is really awesome. Also, I just got the scary guy. Looks like I'm not sleeping tonight, if you know what I mean.

The screamer.. :s

after 78 years of master archery training, i return to once again seek vengeance on the cold, dark, unforgiving game that is Z3lda: Mini Game, I pull back my bow, and miss every time, i ask the dark one to allow me another shot at victory, i am told to fuck off, I walk home disappointed, I could not honor my dead father, brother, mother, sister, grand father, and my father. It will be a cold winter this year goodnight cruel mistress that is the game Z3lda: Mini Game

5 out 5 IGN would egg again

deathink responds:

You are the Dovakin!