Reviews for "Gamer- Turbo"

I really enjoy this kind of art style + music, relaxes my everything.It puts me in a unique mood which bombards me with inspiration and neutral feelings.
As they say, music is a drog.

spacefader responds:

Thank you!

I really liked the art style, and obviously the music was pretty good! It meshed together pretty well. Although I did think it was funny that the pistol was a Beretta M9 series pistol, a Desert Eagle, a 1911 Pattern pistol, and some kind of ruger or taurus semi auto. Definitely worth watching.

spacefader responds:

Yeah I just used different guns as reference, luckily most people haven't memorized each model of gun. Not that there is anything wrong with that...

I'm loving the Illuminati imagery and the subtle hits to other jokes. Good work!

Really cool. The 8-bit style brings back a lot of memories.

1:04- i found zoidberg

and theres a guy going around infecting the people with a third eye syndrome where they become slaves to... something

also the cop hates other men, OR they are all high

spacefader responds:

haha I just found Zoidberg too, good spotting