Reviews for "Gamer- Turbo"

This is an absolute masterpiece.

Great movie. I particularly like the music.

Phobotech clearly has too much time on his hands. Love the short response you gave in return haha

spacefader responds:

Thanks, it's good it had such an effect on him, I just think we have differing tastes or something, anyway critical feed back is always good, it was definitely constructive.

Well...that was a helluva ride.

There's clearly a lot of time invested into the environments and elements all throughout the animation. There are several scenes that are just downright impressive in their craftsmanship; the pixelated shift in lighting as the woman approaches and looks out the blinds was some particularly compelling art...probably the entire thing's strongest moment, even above the rotating gem or the trippy...things.

There's such attention to detail attributed to her face, that its actually disproportionate with the rest of the submission...the male protagonist AND antagonist have, comparatively, blank and featureless faces, whereas the woman's face has nearly every surface defined by well-placed pixel-shading. Perhaps the men represent a blank-slate for us to project whoever into whoever, while the pixel beauty remains the prize and focus.

Having said that, the facial expressions and little nuances from the two male characters are, respectively, hilariously weird. At 1:15 when the protagonist gets his first close-up, looking up at the window and grinning, it was just kinda off in some weird way...the only natural reaction is to just kinda chuckle. But that's just peanuts compared to our villainous police officer...who, right from the get go, establishes himself as an overenthusiastic wannabe cop with nothing more than his body language as he strolls up to the car in his walk cycle.

Then, I get that he's supposed to be creepy...he totally is...but the way he wears that facial expression as he LEANS IN to the convertible at 2:07 caused me to burst out laughing. That laughter elongated as the "cop" gets RIGHT UP to the protagonists ear to whisper, I guess, to get out. Now all of a sudden its a comedy...and the negative thing about that is I'm not entirely sure if its supposed to be funny...but I'm laughing every time I see it.

There's something to be said about tone. What is the tone of this flash? What is your audience supposed to feel? This music...its retro in all of its splendor, harkens back memories of arcades and fun little games that we all enjoyed as children. Inspiring our inner child with what had been established as "COOL." I understand its purpose:

"Hell yeah...living in paradise out by the beach. Palm trees every where, livin' the good life. Take out the Ferrari, top down, feel the wind in my hair. Goin' FAST in my elite machine. Custom plates (GAMER) I know how to have fun too...got the girl of my dreams, going to pick her up at her giant mansion. Life kicks ass." Right?

All to the tune of this soundtrack thats just kinda there. If it were sex, its just a dead fish laying there and taking it, indifferent, but begrudgingly going with the motions. It ain't dynamic, and a problem with that is the animation has no choice but to use it as its tempo. So when it repeats, the scene repeats. We've already seen these shots...overhead of the Ferrari...front bumper close up...over the shoulder medium shot...over the shoulder establishing shot, focused rear-mirror/environment... "Well lets see it again, only this time the girl is with you."

At that point, I felt like my time was being wasted...and if it happened a third time, I probably would've closed it early...because, we get it. He's driving. He drives. She rides with him...that's all we know. If that's what these two do, why did she stare at him from her window for like, thirty seconds, awe-struck... was she SURPRISED that he was there? Is she going to invite him inside, or do they have this mutual agreement where he props up next to his Ferrari in the driveway for a few minutes while she stares out at him, mouth agape. What am I supposed to feel!? What is the tone?

Well, as far as I'm concerned, it just went into a dark comedy once the police officer strolls up with his best "Haters Gonna Hate" walk, LEANS IN and invades his personal space to tell him to step out of his vehicle. By this point, I'm still grinning as the cop is PUSHING his head down like he's trying to get a quick blow...and once again, the soundtrack disrupts the pace of whats going down. So now the cop is pulling out his gun, but she has to react slow to it, he has to draw the gun from his holster slowly, all because of the now predictable pace of the music that has honestly outstayed its welcome with its repetitiveness.

I would've been fine if the animation kept on being goofy. Eyeball of the Ferrari Gamer dude popped out, his head is spewin' pixel juice everywhere, and the antagonist has a facial expression like "U MAD?" and thats great, I would've been alright if the rest of the animation just followed this awful cop and the rest of his criminal shenanigans in this bright retro world. He even keeps up the goofiness right up to when he's getting Dragonball Z punched in the face and then shot. But shit gets weird, it looks interesting, but its fuckin' weird, and now I don't know what to feel anymore. The music is basically the same as its always been, therefore I now know what to expect from the pace, and neon skulls, glowing energy, three-eyed, what is...what is even happening, I don't know...it just made me not care anymore.

But it made me care enough to let you know that. THIS is whats going through my mind, and probably a lot of other minds when they watch this. There's clearly skill involved in the construction of this animation, but a lot of details fell short, were underdeveloped, and with the meaning or the tone or any kind of memorable impact lost on the viewer, so too will this animation be lost on our memories. You want people to remember your work, to remember what it made them feel or what thoughts it provoked.

What conversations could I have with people if I wanted to show them this. How would I describe it, and make them want to see it? What is the moral of this story, don't speed? Don't drop acid during a traffic stop? Never ever trust dudes in Ferraris? That's my review. I'm happy that you took the time to read it. I mean no disrespect, this wasn't an attack, but its my critique and take it for however you deem its worth. I, personally was impressed by a couple of visuals, I admire the time it took to finish and build this, but it was missing quite a lot. With that in mind, I look forward to what you'll do next because you totally have what it takes to make something badass. So do it!

spacefader responds:

Ha ha, wow, thanks for the extensive review. Yeah it's a mixed bag alright.

Congratulations, You're the first person I have ever given a 5 stars too based on a movie.

Animation is simply amazing, I expected it to be another Nes type movie, but it went far behind of what the Nes is capable of. I imagine this must have took several months to make, or at least hours on end, either way you should feel proud. You have accomplished a lot with this.

spacefader responds:

Thanks. It did take a few months, its a slow process probably largely because I have been teaching myself as I go along.

Really well done, i like the unique art style. This really reminds me of hotline Miami, art wise not content wise

spacefader responds:

Hey thanks. A lot of people mention hotline miami, it's actually mostly influenced by test drive and leisure suit larry.