Reviews for "Gamer- Turbo"

Some funky stuff. Definitely quite the piece of work.

On one hand, I find this to be very engaging and it's easy to get drawn into the story. On the other hand, all of my wat.... I mean. Wat.

Absolutely cool stuff. Must have been a tremendous amount of effort. Keep at it.

What is this, no loading bars on movies day?

Dude you have an incredible abstraction capacity I'm really amazed that you made all those effects with 8 bits graphics, any nes game would have like something that good, I mean you practically redefined 8 bits art, to bad that games are not 8 bits any more you could have been a great artist back then, although I suppose you are making modern stuff as well. Well finally I grant you five points that it's a qualification that I reserve only for those works that show something else.

5`s all the way, not only for the great work but for it playing flawlessly on my kindle fire HD. Nice work!!

A subversive masterpiece. Videos like this are why I keep coming back to newgrounds after so long.