Reviews for "Gamer- Turbo"

This is weird........ I like it, a lot. The music and animation style are both awesome as well, good work!

I don't know where you live but traffic violations don't usually end in public executions lololol but god did I laugh, hence the lol's

Obviously, you put a lot of time into this, making sure it's pixel perfect. the color scheme was just right, and animation is spot on!

Really Sick!

Who did the music? You?

spacefader responds:

Hi, Thanks! Music is by Gamer (which is this synth + pixel art duo)

Awesome. I think the color palette is a bit strange, but it fit very well, and you made a great work out of it. I don't care if it get a little (well more than i little) strange, there is plenty of "normal" stuff everywhere, this one is just standing out! Love the song too.