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Reviews for "Zombies Everywhere!"

is this a fps game?

NirvanaTytanMcAnguns responds:

First Person Shooter? :D No! Platform shooter :D

It's got some good potential, but why are the controls so mixed up? I know you have to use the up arrow key to aim up, but I think this should be used for jumping, since I think a player can live without that ability. I also say that because It's kind of hard when you have to put a finger on the F or Z key and then have one on the spacebar along with the WASD keys if you use them instead of the arrows. Right clicking the mouse would've been the best way to go for shooting controls and the up arrow for jumping. Also, I think it should be four hits before you die instead of two. That is because if you're on a platform above a zombie, when it jumps up to get you it's almost right in your face, not giving you much time to shoot it. Pickups would've been nice, too.

Nice try, but like others mentioned, the controls are rather unhandy and killing the fun (instead of the zombies). What I don't understand:

1. Why don't you offer the player the chance to redefine the keys?
2. Why don't you use the mouse to aim & shoot and WASD / Arrows to move?

If you could change that in a second part or reboot of this game, I'm sure it will score much higher. Graphics & sounds are just fine and I like that kind of 80's storyline, so I really, really hope you will release this again with the mentioned improvements :)

man i love Zombies Everywhere......i feel like a gun-shooting bad ass! 5 out of 5.

It's pretty good but I feel that there could me a few more things.
1.Weapon pick-ups
2.Weapon upgrades
4.Bomb refill
These a just a few things that i think would make this game better.