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Reviews for "Zombies Everywhere!"

I like how powerful your weapon sounds and feels - its nice for a change to be able to gun down zombies with a few shots, rather than having shoot them half a dozen times. But the control scheme is very difficult. Having you run at the same time as you are shooting on an angle is not very easy to get used to. And, what's with the holes in the bottom of the level? All in all, I could only play for about 2 minutes before getting tired of it. It seems more like a test demo then a proper game.

boss game.......EVEN MORE BOSS MUSIC!!!!!!!#%$%

had potential but these controls are ridiculous. jump, run, and shoot all with hand?

NirvanaTytanMcAnguns responds:

So what keys could be more comfortable for you?

The controls are fucking backwards, what games do you play that has controls like this??

NirvanaTytanMcAnguns responds:

On all arcade games sites, like nes emulator sites etc.

I think this game is decent but the controls kill it for me. I would have preferred up to be jump rather then x. It is also too easy to slide around and fall making the poor controls for jumping even more irritating. I do like the music and the sounds of the gunshots are very nice.