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Reviews for "Zombies Everywhere!"

This game is awesome...but need some missions,more weapons,a story...ohh and more maps and a last thing...PLZ can you chane the controls to wasd moves ...mouse aims and shoots...PLZ
(sry for some bad words its my keyboard)

at first the controls were kinda uncomfortable, but I managed to enjoy the game and kick some undead ass!!! the slo-mo was just as good, and the "2 hit you're dead" thing in the game adds to the whole survival theme to the game

Love the game! Very dynamic, nice slow mo, lovely graphics. The only downside - one level to play, hope to create more with next updates.
BTW there is a bug you can exploit :) Stand on the top right platform as close as possible to its left edge just before you fall to the lower platform and facing left. All zombies coming from below will get stuck right under you on the lower middle platform and won't climb up - so you can just jump and shoot down to kill them. Zombies coming from the left will fall to the same platform and get stuck too. Zombies coming from your right (do not turn to kill them!) - just jump and they will pass to the left platform or you jump and shoot down to kill them while they are under you. All you do is just stand on the edge, jump and shoot down :)
Maybe it will be fixed in next update but for now its fun and you can reach far through the level upgrading your weapon. Then it becomes really nice with the high speed shots and more ammo.

Can there be other guns to be used?

NirvanaTytanMcAnguns responds:

No, but in second part of game there will be a lot of them

this game is fun i love the slow mo when i guess you get a critical but kinda boring on the same map and only have one weapon might want to update it a little bit