Reviews for "Cannonboy Falls in Love"

It was pretty fun, with the attached contest I did think it would be more difficult though (I beat it pretty quickly). But I enjoyed playing it just the same. I think it would be nice in your next version to make it a bit longer and maybe add some more circus dynamics (like maybe grabbing onto a trapeze or something), because as much as the game was indeed fun as a short game, without some new tricks I could see it getting a bit monotonous over time. Also, the game says you can't jump after bouncing, but I could, not a bad idea to take advantage of that as well. Anyhow good game (though short). Keep up the good work.

nice game

Beautiful graphics and very cute! The music got a bit monotonous but it was still pretty good 8 bit music. Game wise, I found it quite frustrating constantly retrying angles and double jumps to get past obstacles. It felt like I would nail one obstacle and then fail to land on the platform in the end. Overall, a pretty nice game.

good game