Reviews for "Cannonboy Falls in Love"

Really addictive game, need a bit of skill from the fifth level on. I must just suck at it lol. good design and good music. fun factor 10

Kind of finicky at times with the aiming, pretty good though.

I think it's nice except the music is repetitive and it's sort of difficult to stay attached to the game

Not bad, but really difficult. A little to difficult. It might just be me. I've never really been good at these games.

I really liked the story. I thought it was cute.

However, I do have a few complaints. The items that cannon boy bounces off of (especially the hat) require specific spots and angles that you need to land on them with, which got very annoying. It also bugged me that I put so much effort into trying to get cannonboy to bounce off something to get him to the girl, only to have him not make it after the bounce because a different angle was needed.

Still, don't let these complaints take away from your work. Good job on the game.