Reviews for "Cannonboy Falls in Love"

A cute game, nice graphics and a likeable hero. So far, so good.

Now for the bad part: Why in the world is there only ONE way to solve a level?! You reduce your own funny tossing game into a painful, frustrating and boring try-and-error game.
If I miss the right point for the double-jump, if I hit the trampoline with the wrong angle, if I just make one mistake - I'll have to start over again and again and...

It would be great if you add more ways (or tricks, bonus-items or something like that) to finish each level, and increase the fun & gameplay.
However, your gift for the win is very generous and everyone just has to like that little fellow Cannonboy, so you still deserve 3 stars :)

I Want an indie game :D Ill win this!! If its the last thing i do!!!


Overall fun. The only issues are that every level seemed to have only one way to do it which was very specific so it ended up being about finding where to click to launch instead of hitting the target and the other issue is being able to slide off the target platform.

So good im win a game for steam :)