Reviews for "Cannonboy Falls in Love"

broken game for me black screen start up

Really cute and challenging game with catchy music.

First of all, menu's black.
Second of all, it actually took me a while to figure out my objective.
Not as fun as other toss games, but needs improvement.
I expected a lot more, for a toss game, at least.

Fun, but it feels unfinished, needs a bit more polishing.

When first starting the game it was simply black, I had to click around to get it to start. The music is cute, but when it's SUCH a short loop a mute button is DESPERATELY needed.

Overall, although the game is fun, it basically comes down to clicking, a bit of timing, then seeing that if you're not going to make it hitting "R", moving a centimetre or so and then repeating which, after a while, gets really tiresome.

Graphically though, it's very nice, the titular character is indeed very cute.

Fantastic game. But too hard for me. I give up at level 9.