Reviews for "Zetabrand: Ember X Ebon"

Really smooth very nice work. I love how you get to chose who wins thats a great addition.

One criticism tho i know we got to choose but it was kinda clear how much better ember was, ut was a bit lopsided of a fight haha

But overall 5 stars anyway good work


I can respect and admire the amount of work going into this, it just didn't do anything for me. The genre is overdone for many years now and this doesn't differ much from most of what else is out there.

Good luck though, maybe i'm just not in your focus group.

Cool Movie! (Could have a story behind the fighting though.)

Absolutely friggin badass! Ebon(black SF) is good but Ember(Red SF) was waay better... I like that the viewer can choose who wins, that was a very nice and creative touch. I also like that you added both Ember and Ebon's finisher attacks at the end of the credits.. the fun facts was also a nice touch as well.
All in all, I have nothing bad to say about this video, The combo attacks and attacks in general were fluid and intense as well as wildly creative.... Both finisher attacks were completely devastating and very creative... I'd like to see a sequel to be 100% honest and possibly even a background video for Ember and Ebon... To give them a bit more depth and character.
Keep up the good work guys.. I think I speak for almost everyone who has viewed this when I say that this video was absolutely Awesome.