Reviews for "Zetabrand: Ember X Ebon"

I just say awsome.Just that,and this look so cool because Ember with the fire power and Ebon is dark fire power,they both are awsome well..... Just that because iam going to take a sleep

-John Sierra-

Thx Man Your A good Man I wait This In 10 years

Ember's great, Ebon's great, yeah Ember showed so many cool moves and kick-asses magic or some sort? but, Ebon withstood em' all and I really like that. So I'd say you should show Ebon's defense and endurance in a more noticeable way. You know like some sort of thin layer to protect him or maybe you can give some info about those two before the fight started :D Their history and fighting style in the info would be good, i think? ~_~ Nonetheless it is a great movie! :D

did i hear a smash bros sfx?

i think i liked the ebon finishing move better