Reviews for "Zetabrand: Ember X Ebon"

Cool video now turn it into a game where I can complain about lag, imbalanced characters I'm guessing the blue guy will be OP so don't do that, dlc and a dozen other things. Or keep making the videos, either way i'll be happy.

Oh man. There was so much power behind that. The tide of the battle was awesome in its turning. I'd say the red one (Ebon)? definitely got the better end of the stick though (haha, pun? Anyone? ok I'll go home). But I liked the speed of the black ones punches and his combo skills. Very fluent and generally, very awesome. Thanks for pouring your time into this it was a great watch!

so awesome!!


There was 2 amazing ideas in this video:
First awesome idea, you let us decide who's the winner.
Second best idea, we can watch the other end after the credits without seeing the whole flash again.

and THAT is one of the reasons why this flash is awesome ;)

that was fucking amazing. Combos were great and fluid.