Reviews for "Zetabrand: Ember X Ebon"

I cannot remember the name of the song. BB OST right?

Oh... I bet the hardest part was the sound [insert derpface PP]

that was the most awesome thing that i ever seen zetabrand rocks i just hope they make another one
of this epic fight.

Fun but completely rhythmless and fundamentally dull. There's no ebb and flow to the combat, and given that the fight could be cut up, rearranged and put back together without skipping a beat is indicative of how uninteresting a fight it is. Both characters take countless blows, only to get up and move with just as much speed and ease as they did from the start. You can have an attack sound big and look big, but if it's merely shrugged off by the opponent, it still feels weak.

If all you wanted to do was just showcase a bunch of random choreography with stick fighting animation, then it's good for a watch. It had a good flair, and given a complete lack of any environmental interaction it managed to be decently varied. However, if you were wanting to do a fight, than I'd suggest learning to limit the amount of times each character is actually hit and to animate a few extra frames to show some injury to the fighters.

dmc's option sfx? where did you get all this sfx?