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Reviews for "Caribbean Admiral "

it's a very fun game and I love the idea, however it seems that defeating the pirates at the cities becomes too hard. I had 3 cogs and beat montego yet with 3 carracks i could not beat the next city. It seems that there should be a more linear leveling of enemies. This makes you have to do a bunch of trading before you can continue in order to get better ships.

Otherwise I love the music and the originality of it. The fighting is simple, but fun as is trading.

It would've been a 4 star if the boss battle wasnt so flawed. I have three of the strongest ship ( of the line ) with ALL upgrades, and all my skills are maxed ( accuarry, dmg, hull etc... ) and I still CAN't kill the boss even though I use the most expensive and best ammo ( dynamite ). He gets to 3-4k and destroys me, every single time. Impossible, you must get really lucky. No skill required, just luck. Tried it six times and now I give up on this game. Thank you author for making the boss meta.

neat game. I enjoyed the trading and upgrading. unfortunately many crashes as someone allready mentioned. also I seem to be stuck near the end - I''m in caracas and the message popping up when entering for the first time told me there's some kind of compass I will need in order to find the ghostship. well I searched for a while now and can't find anything ... some more information on that would have been helpful. in case it's supposed to be in caracas' trading window - it's not there. so yeah I had fun but only 3.5/5 since I'd like to finish the game.

Great game and enjoyable playing...very well done. Thanks! A couple of nits would be to add a way to see your cargo when you are "at sea"...sometimes I forgot what I had and where I was going with it. :P An option to "apply upgrades to all ships of same type" might be nice, too...but again, these are minor and the game was well laid out, with good music, art and animation. Heh...I really liked it when I realized I could spend gold to boost my damage in a battle! Nice touch!

A serious let down from previous update. At max upgrade from actions points, 8 for damage, 7 for accuracy and hull and can't get past the 4th city. I used to enjoy this game for the balance between upgrading the experience of the player, the ship and the advancement of the game. Now I feel like I have to battle ship to max experience just to try to overtake the first city. Pretty disappointing and boring.