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Reviews for "Caribbean Admiral "

Ahhhh the nostalgia.

That was a fun game, but when you get a 3x Ship Of The Line with maximum everything, it doesn't pose a challange anymore. Even The Flying Dutchman was easy to defeat - I only lost one ship in the process and the second one was hit once, but overall it's a nice game. :)

great game that i love playing, but i have a full fleet of the ship of the line and they're maxed out and even with dynamite i don't stand a chance against the flying dutchman, after three days of trying i think i'm done with this

Wow I played it a lot I think on Armorgames in my first year of college, now I can thank you for making this great game :) You have my respect dude awesome project. Keep making these !


i don't think any of the reviewers here understand what a game like this takes to make.

great job. i like to see flash games like this with multiple interacting systems and an overarching scope.