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Reviews for "Caribbean Admiral "

very nice, miserable ending- anyway - great ;)

Now that was a great game, lots of ships, upgrades and trade goods, maybe spent my 3-4 hours on this game, but i agree with others, flying dutchman was a pushover.

Overall awesome game, thank you for sharing.

Really entertaining! Just as others have noted though, the final fight is terrible, along with the story and ending. All in all, this game really made me want to play SIm Meier's Pirates.

WOW THIS IS SO GREAT! i love how i can fire ALL my cannons at the same time!!!

ok, this game was really fun, but the final fight was just terrible, i took down flying dutchman with 3 shots, my third ship didn't even have to fire (and only one of them was top tier). There are many things that could be done to make this fight more interesting. I understand that his powers were lost, but the ending is the same as if I closed the browser's tab, so there is zero replayability.