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Reviews for "Caribbean Admiral "

Great Potential but is missing a few element's such as more random ships that regenerate after a few visits to other cities, and doesn't allow unlimited upgrading which would make the game more fun.

While it is a good game; the graphics are nice, great soundtrack, good system, I just feel that it's the same thing over and over. The only thing that really changes as you play is that the numbers get bigger. It's a bit like playing with a calculator... I know this is kind of what RPGs are all about...but usually there are extras like story and character development to add immersion.

I think this game has a lot of potential beyond what has been actualised here. The trading part is really good, but flat-lines after a while. Why not consider some extras like quest-based trading, or illegal goods which must be protected in battle against or smuggled under the radar of law-keepers.

The ship buying system is really nice, but it obviously forces the player to choose between trade or battle; one choice costs more money, the other more xp. This is a shame because, while its a pretty cool idea, it traps the player into being either a fighter or a trader which means that you waste half one main aspect of the gameplay. I know you can do both at the same time, but I had more money than I could shake a stick at with all the fighting I was doing, with boarding, etc; the return from battle alone made the money pretty worthless.

I have really enjoyed playing this game, but I am about halfway through and, as I prepare to bed down for the evening, I find myself not caring to check for a save feature. I am happy to trust that it will auto-save because I won't really care if I find my progress gone in the morning.

So, in conclusion, all the ingredients of a great game are there, however, it is unfortunate that is has succumbed to a tired, repetitive framework. This is just my opinion, of course; I do appreciate the time and effort that's gone into it. :)

That was one hell of a game. I can only say good things about it. The story line is a bit like the pirates of the carabbian. I would like to have seen something more original. Other than that, one of the best games I have played in a while.

veeeeery addictive

It would be perfect game, but last stage requires too much grind. I had to drop game, because I don't have infinite time in my life, do you have?