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Reviews for "Flairs - Truckers Delight"

OUT-FUCKING-STANDING! I'd give it a thousand stars if I could... shit infinite stars! This is TRULY a master work of creative, technical and artistic genius. This is a fine example of what you get as a result of actual effort combined with talent, knowhow and pure imagination. Videos and Games like this are why I've been a member of Newgrounds for 7 years now. This is truly one of the best most creative and hilarious cartoons I have seen on here in years. I will be very surprised if this one doesn't continue to win awards and go into the all time hall of fame on here. I'm almost compelled to use all 11,000 characters to elaborate on how absolutely fantastic this piece of flash fine art is. It really is submitions like this that excuse the other countless crap that gets put up. I understand that this is for the users by the users but there is so much wasted time and just crap being put up these days calling itself flash animation and games.. when it's really just talentless no effort bullshit... but I understand, everyone is allowed their chance to shine. I just think too many take advantage of that aspect. I will even give credit where it is due on lackluster submitions. But this one is truly KING. Seriously, and INSTANT CLASSIC, AUTOMATIC FAVORITE FOR LIFE, MUST WATCH, WORK OF ART!!! ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL AND ENTERTAINING TO THE MAX! 2 THUMBS, 2 BIG TOES and 1 BONER WAY UP FOR THIS ONE. As much as I might try, words can not do this sub justice. You just have to watch it to see for yourself. 10/10 -- 5/5 -- A+++ -- PERFECT --- OUTSTANDING --- 5 STAR --- PROFESSIONAL GOODNESS TO THE LAST BITE!!!

that cnt deserved it well done

i do no now what to say. other then it would be a good game if it was one

Thats too funny i died laughing in my seat at the end

this should be a game.