Reviews for "Flairs - Truckers Delight"

I love this video,especially the end with the super bonus and the trucker guy's dick at the end and the girl falling into it,definite hilariousness! I'm gay by the way.

to lotuswatcher, why the F**K are you on newgrounds if you think this is offensive.
to Flairs, this was excellent plot and animtation.i enjoyed it

This is fantastic seriously there should be more retro movies like this

Despite the excellent animation, this video was really offensive.

I can actually see this as a video game....A really fucked up video game....Oh wait, there IS one.
Instant buy!. The animation was unbelievably good, and it was hilarious from start-to-finish. Truly, worthy of front page, you deserve a goddamn medal for all the hard work you put into making this rapist trucker's dream come true. =D