Reviews for "Flairs - Truckers Delight"

i watched this video when it came out and have showed many people it oven the past week and it is not offensive at all. everyone i have showed it too this its an amazing nostalgic tribute to newgrounds and its going to be a classic on here for a while. DONT BE OFFENDED PEOPLE!! JUST REMEMBER ALL THE OTHER WRONG GOING ON AND DONT TAKE IT OUT ON ACTUAL GOOD SUBMISSIONS!!!

Bunch of morons talking about how this is offensive to women cause there's a sex crazed moron chasing after a hot girl. If anything, this is offensive to men and truck drivers (it's not though). Quality work my friend. A lot better than I thought it would be.

Don't understand how this is offensive, great work, very funny

Great animation, but kinda offencive.

It could just be me, maybe I'll be seen as a fool, but I have very mixed feelings here. For one, why wait so long to post this here, are you really the creator? Anywho, The animation is no doubt very well done but...I don't like how all this was portrayed with the concept. It's pretty offensive, not gonna lie, and yes it's bold to break offensive barriers, but sometimes it's not always good.

I feel this is a trashy way to disrespect women, coming from a guy who respects women just as much as men. I wonder also if you'll submit anything else here. Nice work anywho but I feel this was done without giving a care of how it would offend people.