Reviews for "The Interview Codex"

Nice little feature to see all the interviews! I'm glad to be apart of TheInterviewer and to The-Great-One if you are reading this I have an interview to show you.

this is the interview game ever
oh wait the only best interview game,this made me want to read more of how the people that i loved visited NEWGROUNDS and history about themselves
i wanted to be like u guys:making movies and games and art and audio but im just a 14 year old who visits NEWGROUNDS and checking out movies, play games,looking at art, listening music,blamming or saving submissions and i just want to submit something on NEWGROUNDS but i don't know how
i just want be like u guys.But maybe when im 18 when i know how to animate or make games and so much more.
and the music makes me want to cry:,(
Q.How did u come up with this idea of a interview game?

deathink responds:

I love reading the interviews, and it is a lot of good hard work the interview does. And great work should be rewarded...

Gimme song name >:3

Couldn't wait to see my name there :3

deathink responds:


jackmehof1 thats because there are two parts to the interview dipshit also very cool game