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Reviews for "Opinion is FACT"

The idea behind the comedy and moral is nice, and your art skills are good, but the way it was executed was just bad. I can enjoy a good bit of randomness here and there, but this video made the randomized style feel forced and handled very slow with dead voice acting, and very few of the moments where it tried to be funny actually worked (Love the shark for tuna though). I just didn't like it much at all, and can't see the front page value of it.

Was ok till the end. The end was just bogus!!

Opinions are like assholes, they all stink and everybody's got one.

So true man. That's what I feel like when I'm arguing with stupid people (like my little cousin).

I thoroughly enjoyed the flash and the audio. I can't stop watching it honestly. It was a peaceful way of making fun of the "my way is the right way" kind of people.