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Reviews for "Opinion is FACT"

I don't know why, but there seems to be a connection to reddit...

This was crud. I liked the cutesyness of the drawings, but that's about all the enjoyment I received outta this.

No depth at all, and i didn't even see the humor outside of the cutesyness.

THe fluidness of the animation is spot on, but the content....is kinda like the mind of a 7 year old?

Low rating for lack of entertainment. GImme some depth, please.

This is so whimsical and silly that my serious rating just went from a 20 to a 7 (if 25 was the highest).
I can now think rationally again, and I no longer feel anger towards the inferior comments that simply wish to criticize and annoy.

Well done.

Yep, that's pretty much exactly how most people think.

The humour and animation is very nice. But speaking of humour, I think too much of it revovles around poop and so on. Just might wanna diversify!
The voice are also very nice!