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Reviews for "Opinion is FACT"

This reminds me of epic stupidity. They both said stuff that while true, served no real point. Random statements on the obvious serve no purpose. Considering how ridiculously random and plain the statements they used were to justify themselves proves stupidity can be easily used by people on two sides of an argument to keep anger going.
People should use this flash to explain to morons how their opinions are not fact but shit.

Sadly, this also remind me when you use actual facts to validify s logical point and someone uses religion, politics, and theory to validify their own idiocy.
Hopefully no-one is stupid enough to link people to this if the faith of the one god, political groups, and other crap, is threatened by others using logic, reasoning, and common sense.

The art quality is good, the audio is good, the way you shifted to random scenes involving their statements made things even more humorous.

well that escalated quickly

Hah, that spun outta control! Gotta love the way the poop comes alive, and the wiggly style of characters, the slurry voice acting, the whole pot of randomness. Awesome work!


This was a good animation. It had a nice funny little plot, great style, and it was pretty smooth, which was very nice. However, the voice acting in this one seemed... slow. it was clear, and of good quality, but it was very slow and seemed overall out of place with the animation itself. Other than that, it was very good, and I quite enjoyed it.

This was great. The voice actor of the guy reminded me of Emo Phillips a little bit.