Reviews for "Drop A Beat, Giuseppe!"

good but something missing. very simple

This is not a good "game to play" and get enterteined. Its a great artistic one.
Love the idea of literally smashing controls because you suck at the piano.
BUT, found some glitches. When you try to kill yourself, you fly.
Also, you can go to the back of the scenario and not getting hit.
FINALY something that deserves front page

40 first score haha its ok :D

Pretty nice. Had to check Google to see if Giuseppe Fortissimo was a real person though (FYI he's not.) Very interesting concept flinging pufferfish and boots back at the crowd. I didn't mash my keyboard though, I just pressed S+D alternatively to go left and J+K alternatively to go right.

Nice Medals as well 8D

WTF XD hahaha i enjoy this game very much