Reviews for "Drop A Beat, Giuseppe!"

His controls are clunky, is some hard, and i suck in this game...but i am still playing this because is a FUCKING HELL OF FUN!!!!. Is like ou know stupid fun, with all the random keyboard pressing :P.

Officially the silliest game I've ever played, plus it's not pointless or stupid; it actually have game play, and a good one at that! This is going in the faves.

Now the piano is my master.... er.... Great, fun game. Thanks for creating the insane.:)

I got a good laugh when I launched off the stage and into the crowed. XD

As a piano enthusiast I find this AMAZING. I could see this succeeding on a touchscreen, though it really shines on a good Keyboard... :-)
Also, I've tried getting to the rightmost edge of the stage to cheat me some HighScore Swagga, but found out I can't deflect point-blank projectiles fast enough. Some tight mechanics right there! *Cesar thumbs up*