Reviews for "Drop A Beat, Giuseppe!"

I found a glitch where if you hit something and if you die and come back while it is in the air you will be able to still use that item.

molkman responds:

That ain't a bug, we just tried to be nice to you.

No seriosuly, hot damn, thought I had fixed that. :<

The Spiritual Successor to Caesar's day off <3

You know I think you have a thing for making fun of history because that was pretty funny. Hell I wish I was still in school so I could see if I could play this in front of classes. That said keep up the good work and hey maybe you can do a Shakespeare character next? heheheh

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molkman responds:


Finally i've finished it!
Simple yet original and addictive game, loved the controls and the animation!

is this guy ludwig van beethoven?

molkman responds:

Nay, it's Giuseppe Fortissimo.