Reviews for "SIMSEH: Hornbrook"


(32 bitches motherfucka's!!)

I fucking love this game.

Probably one of hentai games I've played in a while...

Lemme tell you why I LOVED playing this for the past hour:


2. You're a freaking alien from outta space; who visits earth, FUCKS THE SHIT OUTTA EVERYONE, breaks into peoples houses, rapes lady cops, raids an all girl school, and busts ALL KINDS OF NUTS!

3. You get to rape sexy bitches (BUYAHHH FOR RAPEY PORN)

4. Hahaha, you masturbate in public, before cumming all over their shoes!

5. It's not just porn, you actually have some sorta element of adventure gaming (although it could do with a whole lot more stuff. Imagine puzzles, rpg elements, action reflex button bashing, side scrolling street fighting/ raping lol, alien spaceship racing, boss fights, point and clickly stuff to do, you kno, all that jazz!!!

...And now, for why I dont love it so much:

1. Shitty controls man. I mean, it took me forever to figure out how to fuck her in the ass, how to delay my premature ejeculations, etc. The whole game was a bit fiddly, and I found that kinda dulled the action. Have you played shinobi girl? Now that game is fucking bomb! Simple controls, easy to master.

2. Wtf no tentacles?!? Dude... I'm a freaking alien from outta space!! I should be able to grow some crazy shit or transform my DNA! I wanna be able to upgrade myself with new forms or attachments, like a CRAZY ROBOT DRILL, OR A GIGA MONSTER ANIMAL DICK, or maybe just some tentacles...

3. Not enough rape... hehe ye I know, I'm a freak. But I mean, why dont you add some boss fights, or a secret dungeon in your ship where you can torture the slaves that you've defeated or captured? You could unlock new parts to your anal probe machine. You could upgrade your dna so to transform into different alien form.

4. Lazy animation. I mean it's all good, but after a while, you kinda notice how little you can actually do with the girls. I wanted to bust in the cops ass, but that wasnt going to happen...

5. Not deep enough (no pun intended). Like I said earlier, this game has some amazing potential for an excellent rpg/ adventure game. I mean it's a great game, but what if you got some people together to put in some more dialogue, animation and multiple choice selections? The next game would attract huge replayabilty! Have ever played legend of krystal? Well if you head over to the LOK forums and post some of your ideas and spirites, I'm sure there a plenty of programmers and animators who can help you out with your next project.

I'm really looking forward to your next piece of work. I'm sure it's going to be fantastic!

made 36 yihaaaaw! you have all the star!

How do we start over and do it again it was fun

Should definitely make another one but doubt it because its been 2 years.
Walkthrough for the game ~ Your Welcome
1st you wanna fix(spore machine by putting batteries you find in ms hinases room ( use e on Dildo thingy)
2nd use e on yellow pad next to machine to get machine working
3rd thing is go all the way right till you see the lady in the bathroom and fuck her to get lab key, optional to fuck other lady all the way right of Cintroen household or ms hinase's servant, will make god mode faster
4th thing Get the alpha male stuff from spore labs all the way to the right using the key
5th do same as with batteries
6th Fuck Ms Hinase, The Doctor, Pink haired lady, and ms neilson if you want you will gain god mode easier if you do. IMPORTANT You must fuck mrs branch in the butt for key to her back door To fuck her in the butt you first do the normal, go up to her face and blowjob, go by her tits and titfuck, then go by the end of her legs and e it should let you fuck her butt now and when you get the key you go right exiting into a one potted singled out plant. Press space next to the plant letting sperm come out so that you could fuck the nymph (The Hottest =w=). After fucking the nymph you should get some nymph stuff, do the same as alpha male stuff and batteries.
7th You now can fuck any lady you want even the cops after 20 seeds you can decide to continue or not after 20 though you gain blue and green automatically.
Your welcome as I said before, its a shame it don't have a second chapter

great game, cant wait to play the second one, and how many seedling are there to catch? i have 33 atm