Reviews for "SIMSEH: Hornbrook"


Bro very good game and good job XD

I loved this game, the trick is though to do every sex position with each girl. For example doing anal with Branch gets the key to the room to her right. Idk if I got all the seedlings, but I hot 36 and that's all I could find.

I want to see another game that takes place in another location and a different type of girls.

to get to level 3 fuck the girl in the ass that in the flower placer and to fuck her in the ass I think u have to get her to suck u dick then fuck her tits then move be hide her leg the press e till u fuck her ass the when ur done fucking her ass u get a key any use it to open the door that lock in the room u r in then there this 1 flower in the room u hold space till u cum then u fuck her and then u get the item to level up and to get level 1 u fuck the guy at the end of the map the u go to the green building at the opposite side that u walk on