Reviews for "SIMSEH: Hornbrook"

Great game my friend, I got to a total of 35 :) I think that was everything.. I will be waiting patiently for the elf part. Other than the graphics I can't think of many ways to improve this, I also like that after the first 20 it gets much easier. In your next game maybe put the save space more in the middle of the map? instead of making it out of the way.. but other than that awesome. More puzzles to solve in the next one also please :)

Anal, just below the calf, above the knee if laying supine. Seduce, refill health, breed, then fap to refill spore, breed again to refill health, continue game.
Good game well written, the guy is a little "off" visually as far as general appearance breaking the immersion.
Thoughts for sequel:
I would add a bigger dick, allow the avatar to be custom as far as color, cut-scene for cum, maybe an x-ray view for breeding.

In order to get the secretion stuff at Branch's house you have to do anal with her! The first step is to just bang her normally, then after you go up to her face and do oral, and then stay at her face and then you'll do a tit job after. Ok, this is where it gets tricky, you have to be facing the WEST direction(face ethe left door) and walk up to her feet (but don't pass them), and then you press E and that will trigger anal. Hope that helped! :)
O and this game deserves a five for being so freakin awesome, great job!!

Its more fun to play than it is sexy... Its a really cool game so I'll give you 5 stars! XD

i got 36 chicks: i found 2 secret girls, kinda looking to see if there is more, also what the heck is the purpose for the storage room in the lab, i know you can do something in there, it doesnt feel right to just have an empty room like that