Reviews for "Psychic Arrow"

A well balanced game with upgrades that are moderately priced, and upgrade the stats at just the perfect way that it is almost impossible to describe. It has little to no flaws that I could see, amazing job!!

good game add more upgrades

this was awesome. best game i've ever plated on this site :D

Okay, I really, really enjoyed this. Short and sweet, but nearly everything was spot on.

I'll start with what impressed me the most - the upgrades. This might sound like an odd thing to praise, especially in lieu of what I'll post below, but I feel the upgrade system was spot on. I mean, absolutely perfect. That's not easy to do in any game, but is especially difficult in "flight" games. The benefit to each level of upgrade, the cost of each, were perfect. Rarely did I go a shot without being able to upgrade afterward.

Alright next up. Animations were also nice. Not all star fantastic, but simple and smooth. I liked them all.

Music - The music is also good. It fits the game fairly well, and I enjoyed listening to it. It is definitely on the high end of good music in flash games.

Okay, coming up next - some things that weren't so great.

The first - controls. Even with maximum "arrow control" I still had some difficulty directing my arrow where I wanted it to go. That's part of the challenge I understand, but brings me to my next point.

The booster wasn't too useful. All it really did was speed up the arrow to let you fly farther. If it was able to keep you going after you ran out of fuel it would have been better. For me at least, I didn't use the booster too much, since it made a fast arrow even faster, and meant I would miss Barrels, Souls, etc...

Lastly, while I love the balance of the upgrades, I would have liked some more variety in them. Perhaps in the form of one time bonuses. For instance, a one time deal that either gave me a wider perfect shot spot, or slowed down the initial meter. Another for instance might give my arrow some flames or a wider boost, something to make the arrow a little bit wider and easier to collect souls and bonuses with. I also would have liked to have seen some more colors of souls - it surprised me that unlike nearly everything else they didn't change in appearance when I upgraded them. (Unless the did and I missed it?)

However, these are mostly nitpicks. I don't feel comfortable leaving an entirely positive review without any sort of constructive criticism. I'll be eagerly looking forward to your next game, and in fact be going through to look at any previous ones you have released.

Great Job.

Great game! Lots of upgrades and enjoyment. I especially liked hitting the pirates in the head and alsoe the transition from a normal arrow to a complete white one.
Once again, awesome game!