Reviews for "Psychic Arrow"

Pretty much loved everything about this game! 5/5 stars

Keep up the amazing work!

I loved this game so much! It was so addicting, I couldn't stop playing! I loved the last form of the arrow- so cool!

good game but not for serious gamers it's more for relaxation

Wow loved the originality, what i loved even more was the music that music is professional, somewhere you would hear in a movie or a graphically designed game on 360 or ps3. Overall nicely done job it kept me interested to the end.

UknownXL responds:

Thanks for the review. If you liked the music you should check out our music shop on

The entire soundtrack is for sale so you can have it on your ipod or whatever you prefer.

One of the best game in a while. The whole idea of an arrow controled by psychic power is original. I liked the idea of pirates on boats that we can kill at the end of each run, makes me feel that every shot is useful for the village defence. I think that the concept can be pushed way further but that u have there an interesting starting point! Keep on the good work!